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Kay Jewelers Reviews

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  • Resizing Engagement ring

    Called to check if my ring was in after over two weeks of not receiving a call. Employee was rude from the beginning insisting I needed the number on the yellow slip to find my ring. I expressed I didn't have it with me and insisted on giving him my last name. After he finally finding my order, it turns out it's been there for a week. Do not shop here for jewelry if you don't want the stress while planning for a wedding. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    galore's Picture   galore    0 Comments   Comments
  • Screwed up 2 rings

    I will never set foot into Kay Jewelers EVER...or JARED (same company). My partner and I wanted to get each other rings for Christmas. We walked in and they said...yes, yes, yes we can make your custom rings. I gave them details about what we want and provided pictures. Needless to say, when the rings came back...which was a long time...We did not get what we asked for. Highly disappointed, we asked that they redo...thinking that it was just a mistake and they would fix it. My ring came back incorrect again. NOT HAPPY. My partner's ring broke the night I gave it to her. The stone fell... More...
  • Kay Jewelers Poor Craftmanship and Customer Seervice

    Kay Jewelers Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA is bad news. The management is nasty to customers that seek refunds or information about the poor quality of work done on jewelry. Kay did work on a piece of 14 caret gold jewelry. When merchandise was received back the gold was extremely shiny and very light in weight, as if it was stretched out. The prongs were shape and would catch on anything it rubbed against. The store personnel lie, and told me anything to keep from taking the responsibility for the problem with my merchandise. The store would not give a refund or anything. I took... More...
    (Repair Services)
    runaway's Picture   runaway    0 Comments   Comments
  • kay jewelers broken rings

    I Have had my wedding rings for just a year when the diamond fell out for no reason one day at work(i.e. I work in an office setting) I never even wore my rings to bed always took great care of them they cost close to 10k, when taking my ring to get fixed at kay's we had purchased the warranty, we were told they could not give us a time frame of when I would get my ring back , this was the first week in June, now the middle of July we called kay's for an update on ring and we were told it could be another two months or so., I'm sorry but this is completely unacceptable, I bet... More...
    TRITCHEY's Picture   TRITCHEY    0 Comments   Comments
  • I want a new chain, not a new necklace

    This past Christmas, my boyfriend got me a beautiful Rose Gold chain, 24 ^ gold Infinity Necklace with diamonds along the middle. I fell in love with it on sight being that It is gorgeous and it symbolizes a promise ring. About 3 weeks after receiving it, I was putting it on when the chain broke. I thought maybe it had caught on an article of clothing. I went and got the chain fixed a week after it broke and my boyfriend also put a warranty on it. After getting the necklace back, I noticed it didn't sit straight but wasn't very noticeable so I over looked it. But after having it... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Sheyannej's Picture   Sheyannej    0 Comments   Comments
  • Expensive Costume Jewelry

    We purchased a sterling silver Dolphin necklace with an aquamarine gem for our daughters 18th birthday. We wanted to start her on her collection of fine jewelry. We were never offered the extended warranty but the gem was automatically covered under their gem warranty. Our daughter took the necklace in for her first 6 mo inspection and was told the chain was breaking but that was normal wear and tear. What??? After only 6 months!!! They refuse to replace the chain. So basically I paid $$$ for something I could have gotten at Claire's cheaper. Junk!!! And poor service! I spoke to... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Duchesssix's Picture   Duchesssix    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kay's customer service sucks

    There's more than a few words for this but for starters, Kay's customer service SUCKS!My boyfriend bought me a ring there (without me knowing obviously) and when he went to pay for it, their credit machine read declined. So they swiped it again, same thing. So he financed this ring. The next day I went to use our bank card and it was declined I checked our account here it was negative 900.00 due to the double swipe at Kay's. Furious I confronted him and he told me the story and of course his surprise engagement was ruined thanks to kay jewelers. He called kay jewelers... More...
    KrystleFowler's Picture   KrystleFowler    0 Comments   Comments
  • Diamond kept falling out - worst place to buy from

    Worst experience ever. My fiancé got my ring at Kay Jewelers. Within a few months one of the smaller stones fell out. That was two weeks without my ring to have it replaced. Within a few months later another small stone fell out and again another two weeks without a ring. I was told by a manager that if any of the diamonds fell out again to come and they will replace the whole ring. Well again a few months later for the third time another stone fell out. At this point I was angry. I went back to the store and the store manager told me that I had to call customer care myself to have... More...
    Jenniferrb217's Picture   Jenniferrb217    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kay Jewelers poor customer service

    December 23 I purchased a ring that the clerk ordered online for me. We were about to pay when she was called away to ring up customers waiting in line. Why would you pull somebody away from a customer to wait on other customers, how do you determine that customer rates higher than me? When I went to pick up the ring December 26 there were two clerks at the register ringing up a "family" for one purchase. There was one lady at a display and I walked up standing in line, the woman clerk told the man to go wait on the lady at the display and in the meantime another woman had come... More...
    MadAsHell200's Picture   MadAsHell200    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gina B.

    Don't pay in cash, if you want a refund they are not able to pay you back until they happen to have cash sales the day of the refund OR you can wait until the home office gets around to mailing you a refund. This is ridiculous as they readily took my cash and so now I have to call each day to see if today is the lucky day they will have enough in cash sales to refund me OR call them every day OR take my time to go by each day!!!!! OR I can wait for a refund from their office?????????? No words to express the extreme lack of customer service. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    GinaBoston's Picture   GinaBoston    0 Comments   Comments
  • kay jewlers is a scam

    i chose a three diamond ring priced at 5999, they knocked the price down to about 5137. yes it was a costly price but my husband was proud and i figured my daughter would love it as an heirloom . also the guys who sold us the ring claimed to be a veteran so we thought we could trust him. we finally moved back to the states 6 months later and i decide to have the ring appraised turns out the ring was valued at about 2000 dollars. so naturally i called the company and brought it up with them feeling like they took advantage of me. they were rude and unhelpful and refused to take back the... More...
    thedevilwont's Picture   thedevilwont    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ruined my engagement ring 15.5 years old

    4/19/2014 Do not trust Kay's!!! My ring bent after picking up a cinder block-nothing big but needed to be hammered out not resized. My husband and I took my ring to the local Titusville, FL Kay's to have the manager Richard tell us that nothing would happen because it is multi-billon dollar company. Well, they fully ruined my ring, then tried to play it off and then said hey we will send it back to buff it out. My ring mount was 100% different, my design of my ring was 100% changed and my ring was half polished and the gold was half the size. My husband and I told them how... More...
    tmoni's Picture   tmoni    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bracelet stolen after submitting for sizing

    How would YOU feel if after giving Kay Jewelers a new Russell Simmons bracelet to be sized correctly, it turns up missing after SIX WEEKS? The only work that needed to be done was having screws set after removing two links so that the bracelet would fit properly. I feel like a person would after being robbed by deception. The manager and the people working in the store were rude and indifferent to my situation, compounding the insult a customer feels when being treated in this fashion by a so-called reputable business. After reading the numerous complaints by other paying customers of this... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    jsmet's Picture   jsmet    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    I have so many complaints from the past 3 yrs but this last one it's the worst one im still waiting for my wedding band and the have giving me different dates i just called cause it was suppose to be ready by 2/20/14 and this girls just told me it wont be here til the 28th then she goes but i got a call yesterday that it will be here on march 4th i left it at the store at the plaza mall in McAllen tx on 2/15/14.... The manager no where to be found plus he also has a bad attitude More...
    (Repair Services)
    Kesia612's Picture   Kesia612    0 Comments   Comments

    Kay jewelers should sell used cars because there 5/5 warranty ( 5 minutes or 5 steps) applies the same. In my experience corporate did not stand behind there warranty of a lost stone even though it fell out within weeks of their lab resizing the ring. I waited six weeks while the ring was at Kay corporate and got it back unrepaired. The store employees did everything they could down to helping on the side. They too were extremely frustrated with Kay corporate to the point the store manager resigned. I wish I had read online reviews of these guys before I bought and from my experience I... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    A1Customer's Picture   A1Customer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor customer service

    Purchased an anniversay diamond ring on Dec 20. Understood would be delay for sizing for 2 weeks. Ok then when comes back in January too big (told them to use another ring for sizing) Ok move forward take it back on Jan 10th and told two weeks but later was close to 3 weeks later.. Now 5 weeks without an expensive ring. Then had checked the next week after purchasing and ring was NOT on sale, same price as quoted. Liars....As clerk didn't have price on ring and went to manager in Greenville NC and stated on sale by $200 . Not true and look up also on their website and their partner... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    disgustedkay's Picture   disgustedkay    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kay Jewelers Broken Ring

    I bought a ring from Kay Jewelers a year ago. It was my promise ring from my boyfriend. Since then, i have had it repaired four times due to the fact that where they sized it, kept splitting and pinching me. Ridiculous. And they refuse to send me a new ring. Not that the one i have isn't sentimental, but just the fact that four times isn't enough for them to give me a new ring and shut my mouth. I don't advise shopping here for jewelery, you won't get what you deserve for customer service. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    mbeman's Picture   mbeman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kay Jewelers broken ring and earring

    i am shocked and so disappointed I didn't read the reviews before my purchase-in May I purchased a pearl ring and and pair of diamond earrings for my daughters graduation present. the ring broke in half after only 1month of wearing it-we had that fixed-now 7 months later the earring has broken. After calling Kay Jewelers and speaking with Anwar-one of the store managers-who told me "just bring in the earring to be fixed and I'll meet you half way" I will never go to that store again! What kind of customer service is that? I thought the ring was just someting that... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    che1234's Picture   che1234    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shoddy Jewelry

    I would never, ever recommend Kay jewelers to anyone, their customer service is horrible!!!!!! I took my jewelry back to the store for repairs, after having a diamond fall out of my ring after wearing it for 2 months!!! I decided to check Kay Jewelers reviews, I was so horrified after reading numerous complaints from several consumers, that I decided to take my ring to another jeweler that has been in business for over 20 years, and genuinely care about tbeir customers!!! More...
    Avianna27's Picture   Avianna27    0 Comments   Comments
  • Neal Lane Engagement Ring from Kay Jewelers

    My fiancé purchased a Neal Lane ring Kay Jewlers valued at $4,000 upon estimate from a local jewlers the rings actual value is 2,400. Kay jewlers stated that the diamonds were a high quality upon appraisal at a local jewlery store we were allowed to exam the ring under a very high quality microscope and informed the diamon was a very low quality, and the diamond from Kay does not have a serial number unscripted like most diamonds do from a quality jewler to track the ring incase of theft and insurance purposes and to make sure no jewlers can switch out the stone. Upon on things I... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Kay jewelers at the HIP MALL chicago

    Two things comes to mind worse customer service and horrible management. Very very poor workmanship. I ordered my ring in July and got it back in September and still didn't get it right...wrong stone setting, wrong size, wrong pricing and rude customer service!!! Just about everything was wrong. I would never recommend to buy anything from them or have them do any jewelry work through them!!! Very bad experience!!! NEVER AGAIN I WILL STEP INTO THEIR STORE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Ananya1's Picture   Ananya1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Workmanship!!! Do Not Shop At Kay Jewelers!!!!

    My husband and I in the spring of 2006 picked out a lovely engagement ring and two bands to match, with the plan of joining them together. The purchase was made at the Greenwood Mall Kay%u2019s in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Once we were married and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, I took my ring to the Mall of Georgia to have the bands joined together. I was informed that my bands would be sent to Jareds to have the bands joined together. The rings came back with less than satisfactory workmanship. The bands were not aligned and the engagement ring was not centered, absolutely not what you... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Jennwku2001's Picture   Jennwku2001    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kay jewelers toledo and customer service line

    I have a yellow canary diamond that has been in the jewlers hands for almost six weeks and still have not gotten it fixed and when i call to talk about it the customer service male was very rude and just kept asking me what i wanted him to do about it. Then i ask to talk to a supervisor ans he says to me their going to tell me the same thing. and his smart ass asks me if i want them to send me back my broken ring wtf!!!Its bad enough that toledo ohio kays didnt fix my ring when i first told them it was sharp and find out many months later it was sharp because it was broken!!!!!! This... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Erickam1021's Picture   Erickam1021    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kay Jewelers of Muskegon, MI took my $2,000 and won't give it back!

    We brought my $2,000 watch in back in Nov. 2012 to have Kay send it out to TAG for a battery replacement and thorough clean as I do every 5 yrs. I never brought it before to Kay's though, because I heard how they threw away my friend's deceased mom's wedding ring (proof on video!) but it was the most convenient jewelry store. It came back BROKEN! They had the nerve to tell me that it must have broke in shipping and that it would be $1900 to repair. I called back and said another store told me it would be $900 to fix and them Kay said oh, yeah, it is only $900! It is now... More...
    Kaystinks's Picture   Kaystinks    1 Comments   Comments
  • Russell Simmons Stainless Steel broken

    I bought my husband a chain and pendant from the Russell Simmons collection from Kay. When purchasing it, I was told that since the items were made out of stainless steel that they would not break. Despite this, I bought a warrant on the items anyway. Low and behold not only did the stainless steel pendant break from the chain but the chain itself also broke on one of the links. In looking at the items you can clearly see where they were not welded correctly in the manufacturing of it. Of course, Kay says that my warranty was for diamonds only and not the metal. I even offered to pay for... More...
    (Repair Services)
    chaniece1228's Picture   chaniece1228    3 Comments   Comments
  • Stone Fell Out

    BIGGEST REGRET EVER PURCHASING MY MOTHERS RING AT KAY JEWELERS. I have had nothing but troubles and would not recommend their store to ANYONE. I have had my mothers ring for 42 days and a stone fell out. They do not gaurentee them so to fix it I need to pay for it. They also asked me if i had a warrenty on it. I said no I didn't. She said well we always recommend that you purchase one for these reasons. I said, so if I had a warrenty this would be covered. She said NO! So you want me to pay you more money for something you still aren't going to cover? NO THANK YOU! Way... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    zasty4's Picture   zasty4    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kay Jewelers worst customer service ever

    Never gave us a receipt... The earrings my husband bought for me was a "special order" we had to order at the shop and we have to come back to pick up. After he made the order and paid with his card, they didn't give him anything even receipt, he asked them to give him a receipt or something order paper. but they were very rude just giving sighs and yelling at him " We have your information what you bought and we know you have paid! you don't need anything to pick up, just come here and tell us your name about 20days later!" At first, before he paid, they told... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    7nana's Picture   7nana    0 Comments   Comments
  • They Ruined my Wedding band

    My fiancee and I went to resize our wedding band to kay jewelers at eastland mall columbus, ohio last december 1, 2012. We talked to the manager when we get there, of course i asked him that i would get the same ring back in the size we want it to be. We had a ring resized from 13 to 10.5. They called a week after and told us that the ring was ready to be picked up. so we went there that weekend dec. 15, 2012 to pick it up only to see the worst that i could see in a wedding band. obviously, they just cut the band off, reduced it and effortlessly put it back together. I can even see the... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    tritanjen26's Picture   tritanjen26    0 Comments   Comments

    I am ABSOLUTELY disgusted with the customer service that Kay has. I am a regular customer with Kays. I can not believe the amount of rudeness that I was given this past weekend when I came into the store w/ concerns of one of the diamonds falling out of my wedding band. Also a few months back when I had my ring sauter it was done crooked. I explained to sales person # 67921 or 6794- (I can't read her hand writing) that I would the ring to be unsolder & re-sauter and done properly. I was disgusted with the attitude that was given to me & was told that " it wasn't too... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    czelenak2's Picture   czelenak2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kay Jewelers is HORRIBLE

    I don't even know where to start. Let's see.. well i guess I'll start out by saying they have horrible service. I go every six months to get my rings cleaned and inspected and the employees never ask me if I need anything. (I'm guessing because I'm young? 22 is not that young..) I have to go up to one of them and tell them I need my rings cleaned. They always seem like they don't even know what they are suppose to do and are not very nice at all. Craftmanship is terrible..one of my rings which I've had almost 2 years, lost a diamond. Since I had been... More...
    Hearts's Picture   Hearts    1 Comments   Comments
  • Kay Jewelers just wants money

    Boy do I have a lot to say about Kay Jewelers! I have bought a ring, necklace and watch from Kay. I had the ring resized because the original size 7 fits my thumb. They made the ring the wrong size and refused to do anything about it so I had to pay to have it resized a second time. We were told the watch was solid gold and stainless steel. A few months later the gold started to wear proving that it is actually gold plating but they just claim that they never said it was solid gold. The watch also has to be reset every month because it doesnt keep time correctly. Our latest issue that has... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Babieexodee's Picture   Babieexodee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stay AWAY!!!!

    I needed a side diamond replaced on my 1940's mine cut Wedding Set. This was my Husbands Grandmother's ring passed down. They Broke the center diamond because of mechanical prong. They initially denied this. Thankfully they take pictures! So this was replace and repaired denoting the value of the ring. They also redid all the gold work and filed it down. Beautiful ring but not the original Mine Cut. It's now worth around 500$ The day we sent are ring in to be repaired we also purchased a 5,000 ring to replace Grandmas. This has been a hassle ever since. The diamond... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • North Hanover Mall Kay Jewelers

    I was at the North Hanover Mall in hanover Pa the other day when a sales associate asked me a favor. She said, "Could you sign up for our Kay card today? I just need to have one person sign up a day. Its free to join! Please I'm desperate, I leave in 10 minutes!" Working in retail I know that these things happen. It is unfortunate when we miss our quotas. So, before I signed up I asked "Is this a credit card?" The long haired dirty blonde, who was heavyset, looked me right in the eyes and said, "Oh, no!" So I complied and filled out some paperwork. I... More...
  • Does not Live Up to their GUARANTEED Delivery

    Was shopping for Mother's Day Gemstone Necklace for my kids. Kay Jeweler's had a nice necklace at the OnLine Store. I ordered it two weeks before Mothers Day. On their website, they indicated GUARANTEED DELIVERY of the necklace by May 11. During the two weeks, I was provided with no order status. As May 11 drew near, I had to call them to get status. They said YES, I should still expect delivery by May 11. On May 11, I called them and the Customer Service agent said "due to shipping problems with the carrier", they were going to be unable to deliver the necklace... More...
    fefifofikel's Picture   fefifofikel    0 Comments   Comments

    My Boyfriend purchased a Charmed Memories bracelet May 2011 and in less than a year the entire bracelet and charms tarnished. Kay's despite them advising my boyfirend at the time of sale that it has warrranty for 1 year from time of purchase refuses to exchange the items. They advised that the item is not deffective even thou it's black. I even attempted to call Barbara Winans which is the District Manager of the store in Miami, Florida and she has yet to return my call. I am looking to start a class action law suite against Kay's and false merchandise they sell. More...
    MMLEON1275's Picture   MMLEON1275    6 Comments   Comments
  • Allowing exchange - really? No

    Customer alert: If you buy a gift and want to allow the recipient a possibility to exchange, do NOT go to Kay Jewelers. Kay Jewelers issues refund only to original credit card - this policy makes gift exchange extremely hard. Even though the store may tell you differently just to get the sales going, I believed them and I am sorry for the trust I gave them. I wish I know this company better, and I hope it will not happen to other customers after reading this review. I recently went to a Chicago store to exchange my jewelry from a gift, but one of the items I need was not available in... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    PissedChicago's Picture   PissedChicago    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kay Jewelers crapping Quaility

    My husband and I both have wedding bands that we bought at Kays. My husband also bought my engagement ring with Kays. We have all of the ESP for the rings. Nine months ago I took my rings in to have them soldered. After 6 months the solder broke so we decided to go to a local jeweler to have them re-soldered. The local jeweler looked the rings over and told me that I they could do it but I had a loose stone in the band and the engagement ring needed to be re-tipped. We decided to take the rings back to Kays to have them do the work because it was covered under the ESP we paid for (BIG... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    smfos's Picture   smfos    0 Comments   Comments
  • Still waiting

    My husband and I were visiting our son in Jacksonville Fl for Thanksgiving. We stopped by Kay's because he was looking for wedding rings. He is getting married in June. During our visit my husband purchased two rings for my birthday Dec 10th. (An early present) The Kay in Jacksonville told us they would have them sized and sent to our store in Brandon Fl. We have purchased many items from Kay and the Brandon store is close to us. My rings were supposed to be delivered to Brandon store by Dec 9th. The Brandon store called us and told us our rings were in. When we went to store early... More...
    Bettina's Picture   Bettina    0 Comments   Comments
  • service

    After years of buying from kay I cut up my card today I was treated so rudely by the sales reps that I finally just had it. The store is between Deland and Orange City florida. I will never shop or buy another thing from kay again. I also found that the value of their product was worth far less than what I paid and I spent thousands of dollars so goodbye kay's More...
    (Repair Services)
    springer's Picture   springer    1 Comments   Comments
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